We offer consulting services in the areas of Software Design & Development, Virtualization and Cloud, Storage Networking, Technical & Product Marketing, Working with Open Source Software, Data Science. Our strength lies in our strong product development background. We are familiar with trends in computing and hands-on with some key technologies. Over the years we have also contributed to Open Source initiatives (our current contribution is planned for an application/tool built using GO language)

Helping engineering teams to streamline their approach right from inception to design and testing the product/service, we bring value to our customers by helping them build and sell world class products and services, as also building strong teams.

With our rich experience in enterprise software product development, we also help companies with pre-sales technical discussions/bids, technical and managerial interviews for hiring IT talent as well as guiding tech teams.

Some of the companies we have helped include Cumulus Systems, Inc. (acquired by Hitachi), HiTech Resistors Pvt. Ltd., Avocado Systems, Inc., Whitehedge Technologies Pvt. Ltd.