Managing VMware vSphere Infrastructure


This workshop is meant to address the need of IT professionals who would responsible for day to day administration and management of VMware vSphere Infrastructure. It provides an excellent overview of the vSphere architecture and platform. The workshop has a good mix of presentations with hands on practice sessions. The topics have been designed so as to make the concepts easy to learn and adapt. The workshop begins with the basic concepts of virtualization and slowly builds on to the advanced topics.

Takeaways from Workshop:

Upon completion the participants should be able to:

  • Deploy and configure a virtual infrastructure using VMware vSphere 5.0
  • Manage user permissions & privileges using vCenter Server Appliance
  • Handle Virtual Machine Networking
  • Handle Storage management in vSphere infrastructure
  • Handle Provisioning virtual machines
  • Handle Virtual machine management
  • Understand and perform live migrations of virtual machines
  • Handle Resource Management
  • Configure and manage distributed services such as HA & DRS

Target Audience:

  • System Administrators
  • System Engineers
  • Support Engineers responsible for vSphere Infrastructure


  • System administration experience on either Microsoft Windows or Linux

Delivery Method:

Instructor lead and hands on. About 50% hands-on practice sessions.

Program Contents:

  1. Introduction to Virtualization
    • Comparison between hosted and bare metal architecture
    • Comparison between ESXi & Classic ESX architecture
    • ESXi Architecture – the big picture
  2. ESXi & vCenter Server Appliance
    • Setup & Configuration
    • Working with vCenter
    • Understanding various inventory views
  3. User Access & Permissions
  4. Virtual Machine Networking
    • Working with vNetwork Standard Switches
  5. Storage Management in vSphere Infrastructure
    • Storage Primer
    • Types of Datastore
    • Working with VMFS datastores
  6. Virtual Machines Provisioning & Management
    • Provisioning of virtual machines
    • Managing virtual machine hardware
    • Working with virtual machine snapshots
  7. Resource Management
    • Understand basics of virtual CPU & Memory concepts
    • Understand various memory management techniques used by vSphere
  8. Mobility Solutions in vSphere
    • vMotion
    • Storage vMotion
  9. Managing vSphere Distributed Services
    • VMware HA
    • VMware DRS
  10. Introduction to vMA
    • Working with vCLI utilities
    • Using VIFP
  11. Basic troubleshooting of vSphere Infrastructure

Duration: 5 days

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