After Cralina’s training, we were quite confident about development using the technology at our company. De-bugging methods taught at the workshop made our development process a lot easier, which in turn helped us complete our project before its timeline. Thanks to Cralina for that!

Senior Software Engineer, Symantec

Cumulus Systems (Hitachi)

Grasped the complex technologies involved quickly, and delivered the desired software modules in timely manner with very good quality.

CTO, Cumulus Systems, Inc. (now Hitachi)

Avocado Systems, Inc.

Our software was delivered well within the agreed time and we are very happy with the quality of the software delivered, its simple design and the accompanying documentation.

Director, Avocado Systems, Inc.

Hi-Tech Resistors Pvt. Ltd.

It’s more than 8 years now, and we’ve released multiple updates of this software. It has worked well for us and none of our clients have reported any issues so far.

Chairman, Hi-Tech Resistors Pvt. Ltd.