About us

Cralina builds on the rich industry experience of its consultants who have a strong technical and management background working with Fortune 500 companies and startups in the computer software/hardware industry.

Ravishankar Rajagopalan

Ravi has 20+ years of professional experience in software design, development and has lead/helped engineering product development teams at several reputed MNC’s. He started his career working on graphics production and database software after which he was a cofounding engineer at an embedded systems startup. Later he was part of the engineering group at Cisco which developed the storage switch. He then led the development group for IP SAN startup Intransa at Symphony Services in a Senior Manager role. At Cralina, he has helped engineering & tech marketing teams for many clients – product companies, as also technology services companies & startups. His areas of work include Storage Networking and systems software, embedded, mobile apps and enterprise applications. He is contributing to open source technologies as well.

Sheshadrivasan Bindingnavle

Having 18+ years of experience in the software industry, he specializes in enterprise application development, storage/storage-networking management products as well as data backup and restore products. He has worked extensively on various flavors of Unix/Linux and has a deep understanding of the Unix OS. He is also an expert on various scripting tools like PERL and Python in addition to having a good understanding of the Unix shell and shell scripting. Sheshadrivasan has worked as a senior engineer/tech manager at several top tier companies including Cisco, Dow Jones, Telecordia (now Ericsson).