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    Windows Azure Cloud

    Nov 19-20(10:00am – 6:30 pm) Professionals who want to understand cloud / implement cloud applications and also those specifically looking at using the Windows Azure Enterprise Cloud Rs. 15,999/- per head* Pune
    REVISED EDITION† Nov 19-20(10:00am – 6:30 pm) Professionals who want to understand cloud / implement cloud applications and also those specifically looking at using the Windows Azure Enterprise Cloud Rs. 15,999/- per head* Pune


Windows Azure Cloud


* Inclusive of all taxes. This is a limited time promotional pricing till Nov 19 – 20.

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This 2-day program from Cralina takes one through all the fundamentals of Microsoft Windows Azure cloud platform, the infrastructure services which comprise Windows Azure and how to develop and deploy applications on this amazing Platform-as-a-Service. This program provides enough hands-on experience with Windows Azure to be able to create and deploy scalable web applications. This program will also make candidates well-equipped with the knowledge needed for Azure MCSD certification.

Takeaways from the Workshop:

Upon completion of the program the participants should be able to:

  • Understand the fundamentals of Cloud Computing platform Windows Azure
  • Understand the architecture and services provided by the Windows Azure cloud platform
  • Build and deploy simple web applications to Windows Azure platform
  • Get hands-on training with the key services provided by Azure so as to be able to create and deploy cloud applications
  • Understand the various MCSD Azure certifications and how to prepare to get certified

Target Audience:

  • Developers/Designers, Senior Developers/Designers
  • Technical Managers who need a good understanding of the platform
  • Professionals working with ISVs/software product companies who would like to migrate their in-premise software product to the cloud so that it can be delivered as SaaS
  • Professionals who would like get certified in cloud computing as MCSD-Azure professionals



  • Basic .Net development experience and familiarity with the Visual Studio IDE, SQL Server

Delivery Method: Instructor lead and hands on. The program has emphasis on hands-on exercises with enough quizzes designed to make one skilled in creating cloud applications for running on the Windows Azure platform.



  • Introduction to Windows Azure
    • Overview of Cloud Computing and Windows Azure
  • Getting started
    • Introduction
    • Installing the SDK
    • Creating cloud solutions
    • Emulating the cloud on your desktop
    • Summary
  • Windows Azure Compute
    • Introduction
    • Deploying Web sites
    • Using Azure Virtual Machines
    • Imaging Azure VMs
    • Azure RemoteApp
    • Azure TrafficManager
  • Windows Azure PaaS
    • The Azure platform
    • Web Roles
    • Worker roles
    • Configuring deployment for high-availability
    • Publishing from Visual Studio
    • Summary
  • Publishing to Windows Azure
    • Introduction
    • Azure management portal
    • Configuring management certificates
    • Preparing to publish
    • Publishing from Visual Studio
  • Working with Azure storage
    • Introduction
    • Understanding the storage client API
    • Working with tables
    • Sending messages with queues
    • Working with blob storage
    • Summary
  • Getting started with SQL Azure
    • Introduction
    • Provisioning a database
    • Configuring SQL Azure database security
    • Backup and restore
    • Summary
  • Understanding other Azure services
    • Active Directory
    • Content Delivery Network
    • HD Insight
    • Virtual Network
    • Service Bus
    • Mobile Services
    • Machine Learning, etc.
  • Wrap-up
  • Summary and Q & A


Duration: 2 days

Faculty: Sanjay Suryadevra
Sanjay has 17+ years of professional experience in the IT industry having worked for companies like Amdocs, TCS, Infosys to name some. He has worked hands-on on many of the cloud computing platforms such as Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Windows Azure and Google App Engine. He has also successfully led a migration of a large CRM solution for a global IT company to the Cloud. He also provides consulting on cloud computing to several corporates and professionals.

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