GO programming


The GO programming language is among the most prolific open source & rare languages designed to take advantage of current age multi-core, distributed/cloud computing & network centric world. It is cocreated by the same distinguished people who created C programming language & Unix which are among the greatest contributions to computer science, keeping in mind next generation requirements.
GO programs combine the flexibility of dynamically typed language with the safety & efficiency of statically typed and compiled language. Working with GO is fast & it produces executables which can run on all key platforms including Windows, Linux/Unix (many flavours), Mac OS X.. GO has “batteries included” – providing a whole set of useful libraries & tools one may need. Learning GO is definitely among the best investments one can make.
This hands-on program from Cralina is designed to give a through introduction to working with GO.

Target Audience

  • Software Engineers, Developers/Designers, Architects, Managers
  • Anyone who wants to learn designing/programming in GO language


  • Familiarly with programming and operating systems


  • Solid understanding of GO language concepts
  • Good primer on how to write enterprise grade code using GO language

Delivery Method:

Instructor lead and hands on with suitable examples/production code. The program has solid emphasis on hands-on coding. Lots of code we write in this program may be used as boilerplate code for enterprise projects.

Program Contents:

Introduction to GO

  • Why learn GO
  • More than “Hello World”
  • Standard Library

Program Structure

  • Naming, declaration, variables, scoping etc.

GO Packages and tools

Data types

  • Basic Data Types
  • Composite Data Types


  • Declaration, Anonymous, Variadic, Deferred calls, Panic & Recovery

Error Handling

  • Understanding Error Handling, recommended ways to handle errors in GO


  • Working with methods,
  • Composing types 

Working with Data

  • Handling JSON


  • Polymorphism and more


  • Parallelism, Race Conditions, Mutex, Channels Preview

Routines and Channels

  • Introduction, Understanding Channels and Gorountines

Dependency Management

  • Overview, handling OS level dependencies

Benchmarking, Testing

  • Using GO tools to benchmark & test programs 

Best practices will be covered with every topic.

Duration: 2.5 days (20 hours)

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